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Fine Art Photographic Print Price List

Size        Metallic Paper               Metal                   Wrapped Canvas     


20x24     180.00                           400.00                 300.00 

24x24     200.00                           500.00                 360.00


18x36     260.00                            650.00                360.00

24x36     260.00                            700.00                440.00

30x36     300.00                            950.00                500.00

36x36     370.00                          1050.00                620.00


20x40     260.00                            700.00                560.00

30x40     330.00                            900.00                700.00


18x48    390.00                             900.00                600.00   

24x48    400.00                             900.00                600.00

36x48    440.00                           1100.00                750.00 40x40

48x48    500.00                           1300.00                900.00 40x60


18x60     480.00                          1200.00                600.00      SHIPPING COSTS INCREASE

24x60     520.00                          1500.00                750.00

30x60     560.00                          1700.00                950.00

36x60     600.00                          1900.00               1150.00

48x60     640.00                          2200.00               1300.00 40x60


All prices subject to change based on material availabilities 

and special handling and/or customer sizing requests. 

10% discount on multiple images orders.

Shipping costs are additional to print costs and are calculated at the time of order.  

Larger prints require higher shipping and handling costs.

Estimates provided, full payment necessary upon placing orders.

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FLOW is an on going meditative study of Water. We experience any natural element through our senses which develop perceptions of time and dimension. Water, is a living energy in constant movement. Its forms are ever changing never to happen exactly the same way again. Water is central to all living things. When we are attune to the energy or being-ness of Water, we are becoming aligned with living in the present moment... the Flow of the life force within ourselves and possibly all living things. Creating FLOW within the constructs of photography requires varying quantities of time and perspective to capture what Water is revealing in a current, reflection, and season. This photographic collection asks the viewer to begin participating in the everyday by actively expanding their energetic awareness and engaging the water around them to Move with the FLOW.

The FLOW collection is available as Fine Art Limited Edition prints. I have selected the size and type of photographic print materials I prefer the images to be produced. If you feel otherwise please contact the studio directly so that you can be accommodated. (The website for print sales is currently under construction.) For viewing individual images click on images in grid to see them separately, Desktop viewing is best. This will help you see the crop and content of each photograph. Print offerings are in Metallic Fine Art Photographic Paper, Print on Metal, and Metallic Wrapped Canvas most are larger scale horizontal up 18x30 20x40 24x48 30x60 or vertical 20x24 to 30x36 and up. 

For marketing or publishing applications, I do offer imagery for graphic designers and art directors who are looking for the unique and artistic imagery for communication materials.  Licensing of images is available by contacting the studio.    


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