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An Entrepreneur's Vibe

Earlier this year I had the privilege of creating a series of portraits for Todd Bertsch. We spent one morning together in his office which is located in Akron just off West Market Street. The renovated 1916 building seems to provide a creative space for his team, now on hybrid working arrangements. For me the once residential Highland Square property was a new canvas to paint on.

Todd is my type of client. He is a creative caring individual, a family man and an entrepreneur. In order to be a successful entrepreneur one has to be self aware, vulnerable and authentic along with a good dose of self-motivation. Having the ability to listen to clients, be responsive in their best interests, Todd is a collaborator. Even the name of his business, Evolve Marketing, speaks to his desire for growth, forward movement and refinement.

If that isn't enough, Todd is involved with his community promoting commerce, leadership, education, charities and meaningful causes. He is not one dimensional. He is relational. What he is doing is engaging life in every possible way. Being vulnerable to me, means putting one's self out-there facing the possibility of failure or humiliation. Todd is open about his support system, his wife whom he refers to as his "rock". He does not a wear a cape, he is just pursuing his entrepreneurial path and evolving.

Hope you don't mind the shout out Todd!

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