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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Tuesday evening the deal was done. After weeks of speculation it was official Trevor Bauer had been traded. For six years Bauer has been committed to the Indians, to the Cleveland community and fans. Its unfortunate the commitment wasn’t reciprocated longer by the Indians management. Bauer who invested himself, is not easily replaced.

Whatever your feelings or thoughts on Bauer, the fact of the matter is that he is an intense competitor whose drive and personal interaction brought an element to the Indians team that no one else did. That dug out will not be the same yet his teammates will remember how Bauer helped them become better players.

Bauer always talked to fans, to kids, autographing with patience keeping in mind he is living his dream. The City has lost a professional athlete who cared enough for his community to give of his time and resources. I witnessed his interaction with 100 plus Cleveland children at the My Inner Warrior Foundation’s Bauer Outage Wiffleball Tournament this past Monday at Baldwin Wallace.

Bauer pitching to numerous teams as he made the rounds making sure he visited with all who attended.

To say the least, Bauer arrived hot off Sunday evening’s game still not feeling well from a virus, to spend the day with these kids. Joined by his teammate Nick Goody, Bauer displayed his graciousness, warmth, camaraderie and willingness to participate. It is something those kids will never forget. But we didn’t see or hear about this on the news. Nor were there any sportscasters participating in the event! The "haters" weren't there giving of themselves either.

The life of a professional athlete isn’t what most people imagine because most people have never achieved the level of performance required in the MLB. The majority of pro athletes have had to sort their heads out at one time or another, along with constant workouts and sheer mount of time involved to hone their skills, bodies and minds.

One of 100+ Cleveland kids who came out to the MIW-Bauer Wiffleball tournament.

Playing baseball requires family support and frankly, money. I know this as I am a baseball Mom. Players have to be willing to give up some social life as Baseball is a sport of repetition requiring endless amounts of practice and playing time. One can’t be lazy or weak. Most high school ball players don’t go on to college baseball let alone to the minors or majors… the percentage drops significantly with each stage. Aside from physical injuries, the two main reasons for not advancing, lack of talent and lack of dedication. The third reason, mental softness. (Funny how so many player critics didn't play after high school, if at all.)

Bauer and Goody autographing new gear donated to CLE youth players.

Stand on the bump in front of thousands of spectators while facing keenly skilled batters and see how well you do! Take the heckling, the commentary by people who lack real baseball knowledge along with constant trade rumors, most people would fold under the pressure. The traveling schedule alone would make many people quit.

In one moment Sunday, Bauer got frustrated and chose to long toss and a mighty fine one at that. (all hail Driveline) Even though it was out of character for him its a forgivable instance in that if he wasn't so passionate it would not have made sense.

Let's remember Trevor Bauer is no quitter nor is he mentally soft. He is a strategic competitor who throws some wicked dirty stuff and champions his team. Bauer is also a human being, one who cares!

At the end of the day this man deserves respect! We have been extremely fortunate to have had him here in Cleveland. No doubt Bauer will go on to do well with the Reds and through out the remainder of his career. Thank you Trevor and thank you for hanging with the kids on Monday. None of us will ever forget! Keep balling and always remember the joy of the game.

Congratulations to My Inner Warrior for organizing and hosting a fantastic event. Nicely done!

about My Inner Warrior Foundation MIW was founded by Jack Hollinshead who is a full time college student and catcher for Wittenberg College Baseball. The MIW Leadership staff are all incredibly talented thoughtful college students and athletes.

The My Inner Warrior Foundation, is a 501c3 non-profit, which aims to provide greater opportunity throughout inner-city baseball programs. Our organization has focuses that will bring instant opportunity such as providing new equipment and volunteers to these programs, but, our mission doesn’t end there. At My Inner Warrior, we see the opportunity to change the lives of inner-city youth through the teaching of structure, passion, and dedication that comes with sport and the necessary preparation. Our goal is to bring a year-long, structured training program that will be available free-of-charge to inner-city, underprivileged, athletes. This opportunity will provide free access to trainers, coaches, and tutors, that otherwise, wouldn’t have been possible. Lastly, we are working on creating the platform to bring collegiate recruiting opportunities to the high school athletes in these programs.

about the author: Karen Ollis is an experienced photographer specializing in photographing people for editorial stories, PR and marketing communications. Karen is also a Baseball Mom of a collegiate athlete. instagram @ollisphoto

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