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It's important to me that my client's story is told effectively and beautifully. I enjoy the creative interaction inherent to the collaboration process of creating excellent photography. Once I have a brief from the client we begin the conversations of building a working relationship and set of goals. My role centers on visual impact and function ultimately fulfilling the purpose in my client's best interest ~ within budget and timeline. Oh, and that little rascal is the studio pup: Missy

Bob Visger, Sr. Manager-Operations Strategy at TE Connectivity May 21, 2021

I highly recommend Karen for any photography project. Her knowledge of lighting, angles, colors and facial expressions is unparalleled. She had great insight into what message each visual would impart on the audience. In addition to her amazing skills the passion she has for delivering the perfect photo reassured me that I was in great hands. The hardest part was picking which of her amazing pictures I liked the most. She was a pleasure to work with and made the entire process a lot of fun.

Mahala Bloom, Bloom Graphic Design- May 10, 2020

Karen is the epitome of what a seasoned professional business owner and freelancer should be. I knew that while working with Karen, I could expect high quality work, attention to detail, a confident point of view, and a strong collaborative flow. Not to mention, assets delivered on time. Karen and I collaborated regularly on client projects involving premium, sophisticated product offerings with complex detailing. Karen raises the bar and brings detail and professionalism to the table. Photos are always accurately color-adjusted, tac sharp and free of motion blur. Karen captures complex detailing beautifully, and often with fewer (or no) images to merge in post processing, speeding production time and increasing overall efficiency. Karen is truly a step above, and I don't say this lightly. Her work achieves an entirely different level of quality. Aside from Karen's clear excellence and experience as a photographer, she is a delight to work with. I genuinely enjoy days in the studio with her, and count on her to bring positive energy! 


Laura Shrieve, Communications Manager at Medical Mutual-March 10, 2018

Having learned to work with all kinds of clients, including the most demanding, Karen handles the details of projects considering the best solutions. For those not use to art directing photography, Karen provides tactful guidance which from a manager’s stand point it is invaluable. Whether it is a difficult lighting situation, tough location, a tricky technical aspect or organizing photo session time, Karen won’t waste billable hours figuring it out. Ultimately she comes up with the photos that are effective and accomplishes the objectives of the project. Her photographs of people are stunning and her attention to detail impeccable. My staff and I enjoy working with Karen knowing we have a partner invested in the outcome. 


Paul Warner, Marketing and Communications Director at Lawrence School-March 1, 2018

Karen has become my go-to contact for editorial photography. She is dependable, accommodating, and takes beautiful photos that capture the energy and feel of Lawrence. I highly recommend Karen for her services as I have been working continually with her and have gotten consistent results. 


Brianne Norcini, Marketing & Brand Specialist at Solon Manufacturing Company-February 20, 2018
Karen is an extremely talented photographer whose warm, friendly personality easily makes her a joy to work with. A true artist, the way she uses light in her craft creates  a sharp image that makes a bold statement. She’s a visionary who uniquely captured our products in a way that tells a story. She gets it, which is so refreshing. Her positivity and enthusiasm are contagious and her thoroughness, timeliness and attention to detail are impeccable. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Art Bowker, Law Enforcement Professional-March 7, 2018
I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and having her take my professional portrait in March 2018. She made the process enjoyable and easy. She scheduled me in at a convenient time for the shoot. She provided high quality pictures that I use for all my social networking needs, website, book cover, etc. She also got them to me the same day and they all came out GREAT. Finally, the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade to a professional portrait. 


Denise Taylor, Senior Art Director and Graphic Artist, SalonQuest LLC-November 10, 2016
Karen is a highly skilled photographer who has a particular knack for capturing the beauty of the brand as well as the clients vision. And, with decades of experience working closely with the fashion and advertising industries, her photographic capabilities extend far beyond simple still life. Karen is also highly adept in the most current photo-editing software. Whenever I have a project that requires product photography, Karen is my first choice.


Tammy Gentry,Global Product Manager, at Various-October 25, 2010
I hired Karen to photograph my products as well as my children. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Her turn-around time is quick, her quality is excellent and she's a great problem-solver. I highly recommend her services.


Jeffrey Balazs,Sr. Art Director at Goldstein Group Communications-October 25, 2010
I've known Karen for many years as an astute photographer and individual that creates her work with sensitivity, craftsmanship and uniqueness. She's not one to be satisfied with mediocrity and is always striving and reaching for excellence. She brings great value to any visual project asking the right questions and creating solutions that are compelling and stunning. I highly recommend Karen for any project as she is well versed with an array of professional work.


Don Vana, Senior Brand Strategist at Various-April 3, 2009
I’ve known Karen for years and through out have been increasingly impressed with the competence, effort and enthusiasm that Karen puts forth in everything she does, and especially the beautiful work she recently did with some of our non-profit accounts. Her creativity and skill sets make her a pleasure to work with on any project. I’m equally impressed with her high ethically standards and social consciousness that makes up some of her many facets. Highly recommended for those interested in a very qualified and skillful artist that extraordinarily connects with a desired target audience.

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