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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

We have a tendency to echo sentiments which we have heard from our own elders. "Well back in my day... " Stories about how things use to be done or even how perspectives were. I feel that maybe before we go that route we might realize that each generation offers contributions based on their own vibration if you will.

Ever notice the types of music that are indicative of various generations? The tones, the beats, the lyrics are inherent and relevant in shifting energies and reflecting the changes each generation brings about to the collective. Back in the 60's Rock N Roll was driving freedom of expression. Fast forward to the 70’s disco craze, 80’s big hair areas anthems and 90’s techno into the 2000’s. Each generation has had its vehicular in tones and musical styles. It has been a signature to each decade, each generation.

In the business world we hear much about Millennials in the workplace and economic buying spheres. Some comments good and some not so good. Most Millennials I have encountered are quite conscionable, smart and have work ethics yet there are those older individuals that deride the generation. Even my son’s generation gets a negative wrap of wanting something for nothing as it might be owed them.

Whatever your own take on generational differences, I think the common thread through out all generations is a desire for a fair shake, a chance to contribute and be apart of something of greater meaning. The boredom of going through the motions without valuable content is of equal destain across generations.

The problem for this younger generation is that the rules have become muddled. Simple and basic fundamentals such as TRUTH, honesty, loyalty and purpose have been manipulate bought and sold to the point that clarity is lacking. This throughout their lifetime. How are they suppose to operate in world where the guidelines have been so blurred? Their innate senses might be the saving grace.

What I have noticed about this powerful generation in the current 17-25 years old is that many have a freedom of spirit, a known truth to themselves and an ability to achieve within their concepts of following their paths. They want to move forward, not backwards!

Pictured here is Ruby, a self assured natural young woman, a freshman in college. She is smart and has a sense of self she wants to keep through out her journey. She does not expect hand outs or a participation trophy. Her self image is not based on a Brand, she is her own person. Ruby is far more able then even she knows at the moment. What she wants is a world that is a better place, a fairer more open, equable and reliable arena to conduct herself. One where integrity matters!

Meeting this generation has given me hope and yes, pause to say while we compare our lives to younger generations we must be careful not to assume or pre-judge their worth based on differences in generational influences. Yes, they have grown up with technology we didn’t have and modern conveniences that make life seem easier. They also will deal with the conceptual issues that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data mining will no doubt present. These will be and are highly moral - ethical issues. I only hope that their sense of right and wrong, compassion, decency, and global community understanding will prevail so that human aspects are not forgotten and placed back with previous generations in the way things use to be.

I am hopeful that this generation are able to enact kindness and peacefulness as the driving forces eclipsing purely commerce based philosophies which often times feed greed. These younger generations despite the technology they have been raised with seem to want more than just mere money, they want their contributions to account for a more humanized world, one that is natural in its human evolution.

about the author: Karen Ollis is an experienced photographer specializing in studio portraiture, and environmental on-location portraits for editorial stories, PR and marketing testimonials. instagram @ollisphoto

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