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Belleruth Naparstek

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

As she walked into my studio I noticed her tall slender frame was crowned by a silver mane. Her dignified and captivating presence emanating warmth. Even back when I first met Belleruth she had that signature which is the same today. What most people are unaware of is her real legacy.

As a psychologist Belleruth was drawn to delve deeper into the human condition willing to grapple with what others may have thought too difficult. Her goal, finding healthy solutions. Belleruth's compassionate nature and intuitive understanding lead her to break throughs which she has shared for decades in her series of Health Journeys Guided Imagery Audios.

Belleruth discovered in her work with patients the powerful healing tools within meditation and created guided imagery to help patients deal with specific conditions, some for physical illness, others for emotional and psychological based conditions.

Her work over the years with the VA has covered treatment protocols and guided imagery for PTSD sufferers, the positive results well documented.

To say Belleruth has been a trailblazer is to minimize the body of her life's work by trying to encapsulate it in one word. She is another seemingly fearless person I have met here in Cleveland, one who has stayed true to her calling for the benefit of so many.

about the author: Karen Ollis is an experienced photographer specializing in studio portraiture, and environmental on-location portraits for editorial stories, PR and marketing testimonials.

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