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Beth Yurich

We all have those crazy friends that make us smile and laugh. Beth is one of those people for me. She is forever upbeat, refreshing and real. And yes, a bit zany at times!

She has endured plenty of hard knocks along the way yet has had the ability to bring levity to any situation. In knowing her, I attribute it to her creative spirit...

She would say, "it's life and you have take it as it comes".

Its probably got something to do with her love of Poodles. Pictured here with Stella, Beth is never without a loyal Poodle or two. She is also never without creative ideas and the energy to manifest them. Her clients will attest to that for sure!

Her journey to beginning her own design business began almost the day she started art school. Little did Beth know that after years of experience with Wyse and Doner it would lead her to open Yurich Creative, and endeavor she shares with husband Dennis... a fabulous musician in his own right.

Beth had an understanding of sustainable design and found the only way to really provide options for clients was through her own company. She set out with this concept when methods weren't known or popular finding ways to help her clients be ecologically conscious and save them money while providing fun, modern design for marketing communications.

When not designing you'll find Beth walking along a trail with her husband and dog Stella. "Yes, I'm a tree hugger", admits Beth. "I love being out in Nature."

about the author: Karen Ollis is an experienced photographer specializing in studio portraiture, and environmental on-location portraits for editorial stories, PR and marketing testimonials.

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