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George Remington

One thing in life you can count on is change! Certainly George Remington can attest to that. While thriving as a commercial photographer, George sustained a neck injury limiting his ability to photograph types of projects he had previously. The circumstances calling into question what George would do with his professional life and his time.

While George recuperated he thought of his options with no clear sense of what was ahead and dealing with the emotional upheaval of a major crossroads. During the period of uncertainty George found that following his interests lead him in new directions.

Having grown up in rural southwestern Pennsylvania farm country George was no stranger to the outdoors and raw life agriculture offered. He began immersing himself in organic farming. George seemed to connect with an organic process within himself.

"I had to have a reason to get up every morning", George told me. "I needed something to make sense, something to keep me sane." George found his sanity in the gestation process that Nature provides.

The Remington household where he and his wife Mary raised their family offered the land on which George would begin farming. A small parcel along with adjacent acreage of his Hinckley neighbors became the proving ground for his courage, hard work and determination. The land not ideal, presented its own obstacles in that it requires hand planting, calculated rotation and appropriate drainage.

Fast forward eight years or so, George working with a crew has a well known organic operation in MorningSide Farms. The scrumptious vegetables and fruits are available at Countryside Farmer's Market (Peninsula) and North Union Farmer's Market (Shaker Square).

Although frightening at first, George is an example that change can be a good thing!

You can read Karen's full article,

A Thoughtful Process, published by Ohio Magazine Sept 2017 on Karen's website under the Editorial Section.

about the author: Karen Ollis is an experienced photographer specializing in studio portraiture, and environmental on-location portraits for editorial stories, PR and marketing testimonials.

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