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 B u s i n e s s  P o r t r a i t s 

Quality business portraits to get you noticed for the right reasons. These are 5 must-have portraits for you and your business especially if you are an entrepreneur. Each provides a visual solution for marketing and promotional applications.


Top 5 Personal Brand Must-have Headshots and Portraits


1. The business profile headshot ($200)

- should be clear, well-lit and recognizable


2. Work with me ($275)

- appear approachable and authentic in your workspace


3. Lifestyle ($275)

- to entice people into your brand


4. Details ($275)

- flat lays, products, tools of your trade, the little things that stand out


5. The signature shot ($550)

- an epic shot to instantly set you apart from the competition


Karen Ollis ensures your portraits fit you authentically and your brand while it introduces you without distraction. 

In choosing how best to invest in yourself, here are five packages that fit different needs and price points. 


1. Studio Head Shot for business profile with option for secondary casual head shot for personal social media $200.00

2. Studio Business Profile Head Shot, and Work with Me portrait,  $400.00

3. Studio Business Head Shot, Work with Me portrait, and LifeStyle, $600.00

4. Studio Business Head Shot, Work with Me portrait, Lifestyle, and Details $800.00

5. Studio Business Head Shot, Work with Me portrait, Lifestyle, Details, The Signature Portrait. $1300.00


Location Photography starts at $450 each project is estimated based on individual logistics and details.  

All Advertising projects are estimated individually.


You deserve business portraits that convey you in the best light, because in today's marketplace not standing out is being invisible. 


Business, Brand and Editorial Photography by Karen Ollis 

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