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MUST LOVE DOGS, and other marketing thoughts!

Cooper, the studio pup!

It occurred to me while reading a personal ad how easy and yet difficult writing such a profile can be. Clarity about criteria such as Must Love Dogs and Children is a necessity. For many its a deal breaker.

Similar to business marketing plans, the key is in being clear about what you want and identifying the target companies with matching profiles and products for positive transactions. It all begins with a focused intention and direct tailored messaging.

George Sipl and Missy (George is happily married)

When I hear of corporate executives expecting an annual sales increase of 20% or more, without strategic planning and new product offerings, it seems unrealistic and a morale killer. While you'd think common sense would prevail, it happens more than not in the average corporate environment.

Years ago I had a business associate that thought my target marketing success rate was 95-98%. That recognition gratifying, however, I should have been reaching that given I was very selective in my profiling and the number of targets at any given time. By researching and being selective I have gone after companies I have wanted to work with that are in alignment on several fronts and where I felt I could elevate and refine their visual story. The method or vehicle I employed for that tailored message was also designed to speak to the prospect.

Wilson Family with Annie

A reason direct mail only has a less than 4% success rates is the problem with mass marketing or “no plan” efforts. It might be good in getting a name out to a greater populous but it can't speak in an individualized and specific manner. Like political postcards which give little sense of who the candidate really is and how effective they'd be.

Annie's sneak attack!

Good marketing isn't necessarily about popularity. Must Love Dogs speaks to a specific audience and it requires courage to eliminate those that don't fall into that category. Marketing and sales efforts are at their best when done in a multi-tier plan where the goals and audience are well matched. A good mix of marketing targets with realistic expectations while conserving resources in the process and focusing on delivering high quality product is an effective way of cultivating healthy lasting relationships. That's keeping up with the big dogs, not just sitting on the porch!

Rescue Village Fundraiser

about the author: Karen Ollis is an experienced photographer specializing in studio portraiture, and environmental on-location portraits for editorial stories, PR and marketing testimonials. instagram @ollisphoto

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